Comfort Zones

As I glance at the glossy menu of a new restaurant, I realize that I’ve never had a single thing on the menu before. Caviar crusted sturgeon, beef wellington, duck confit, foie gras. I don’t even know what foie gras is. Do you? Of course you might if you are a professional chef.

I quickly decide I don’t want to try any of these fancy sounding dishes. I’ll just stick to the “fancy” burger. You decide to try the duck confit.

After we receive our meals and  you take your first few bites, you can’t help but moan over how delicious the duck is.

I have two options: to be satisfied with my burger or be secretly jealous over not trying the duck.

I went with the burger because it was the safe option. I didn’t want to risk trying something I had never heard of only to have my taste buds and wallet hate it.

Doesn’t it seem so much easier to go the safer route?

Why run a 5k with strangers or go swimming with sting rays (which is totally scary but fun at the same time) if we don’t have to? (Unless you already run or are an adrenaline junkie)

It gets us out of our comfort zone. How large is your comfort zone? Mine is definitely larger than a touchdown zone, sadly. Sometimes I wish I already was a runner or adrenaline junkie, but that’s just not me. Although, it can be someday. Little by little, if I start running or zip lining (I actually love zip lining, so maybe rock climbing?) it’s helping me slowly out of my comfort zone.

Eating something new or rock climbing may seem like very small ways to branch outside of a comfort zone, but anything that is new to you or me no matter how small or big are ways we are reaching out of that safe zone.

While it is good to be cautious (depending on what we are doing), there is no harm in trying new things. Of course, we want to do what is right and stay away from questionable things that could ruin a reputation.

This isn’t a free pass to be totally reckless, but we also don’t want to stay holed up in our house not going anywhere or doing anything fun because we are scared of getting hurt.

Image result for comfort zone quote

Let’s determine today to step out of our comfort zone. Be it something small or large.

Let me know what you try! I can’t wait to hear about it!




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