The Power of Words

Have you ever said something you almost instantly regret? I’m pretty sure we have all done or said something we wish we could take back. The thing is, as soon as, we say something we can never actually take the words back because they have already been said. Usually when we think of salty things, we could … More The Power of Words

A Thankful Perspective

Happy Monday! While some may moan and cringe about how it’s Monday again, others are excited about a new week to start fresh and accomplish their goals. Today is different though. This week is a short work week for most of us in America because of Thanksgiving. Ah, Thanksgiving. The day where we suddenly become thankful … More A Thankful Perspective

Comfort Zones

As I glance at the glossy menu of a new restaurant, I realize that I’ve never had a single thing on the menu before. Caviar crusted sturgeon, beef wellington, duck confit, foie gras. I don’t even know what foie gras is. Do you? Of course you might if you are a professional chef. I quickly decide … More Comfort Zones

Don’t Set Limits

Happy Friday! There were two speakers who spoke this past Wednesday night at church. Honestly, I had been looking forward to the speaker that was supposed to go last. I hadn’t thought that the first speaker might end up giving a message I had so clearly needed. The speaker went on to preach about how … More Don’t Set Limits

Take Time to Relax

Happy Thursday! I just got back from a very relaxing trip to the Cayman Islands. I hadn’t realized how much I needed the time to lay back , relax and do absolutely nothing. Getting caught up in work, projects and various other activities can cause our bodies to go into over drive, to the point … More Take Time to Relax

Don’t Quit

Ever have those days where nothing seems to go right? Yeah, me too. Sunday was that day for me. Just over a month ago, I got a new-to-me car from a dealership. I went to a few places on Saturday with the car running absolutely fine. Sunday morning, I got ready for church and headed … More Don’t Quit