God’s Got This!

  Happy Thursday! I can’t believe it’s already almost the weekend again! Just over a week until my brother leaves. I’m sad about it, but I’m so thankful God allowed him to visit for the summer! It can be so easy to dwell on the littlest of things. “These people are driving so slow” “I have … More God’s Got This!

Why Worry?

It’s so easy to worry about every little thing. Isn’t it? I remember in 5th grade, there was a bulletin board in the classroom and at the top of the board it said “Worry Warthog”. On the board, was a big colorful version of Pumbaa from the  Lion King. If you ever attended Sunday School … More Why Worry?

Enjoying the Now

This summer is flying by way too fast! It’s already July! Not to long ago, I kept saying that my brother will be here for just over two months and now we are down to almost one month left. We have been having so much fun. He is constantly making me laugh. We still have … More Enjoying the Now

The Spam Folder

“You’ve Got Mail” – the iconic phrase and title of a rom-com from 1998. Some may view mail as a hassle, while others may love to get mail, whether in physical or digital form. The spam folder tends to be the folder that holds least important emails. Some emails might get accidentally put into the … More The Spam Folder

Bread of Life

Early in the morning, bakers wake up to start a delicious process. They mix together flour, sugar, baking powder and a few other ingredients. They put the dough onto a floured surface and begin kneading it. Usually before the bread comes out of the oven, we can smell the bread and baked goods that are … More Bread of Life

Road Tripping

Happy Friday! The work week has come to a close again . This summer is flying by! As you may have  noticed from my blog post “Prepping for Vacation”, I love to not only travel but get prepared ahead of time by having a tentative packing list, maps on the ready, etc. I’m gearing up … More Road Tripping

Life’s Seasons

Happy Thursday! I’m so glad it’s almost the weekend again! I love summer, but it seems like this year has been flying by way too fast! Before we know it, the year will be ending again. We will be going through summer, fall, and the beginning of winter before the year ends. Sounds like a … More Life’s Seasons