Don’t Set Limits

Happy Friday! There were two speakers who spoke this past Wednesday night at church. Honestly, I had been looking forward to the speaker that was supposed to go last. I hadn’t thought that the first speaker might end up giving a message I had so clearly needed. The speaker went on to preach about how … More Don’t Set Limits

Take Time to Relax

Happy Thursday! I just got back from a very relaxing trip to the Cayman Islands. I hadn’t realized how much I needed the time to lay back , relax and do absolutely nothing. Getting caught up in work, projects and various other activities can cause our bodies to go into over drive, to the point … More Take Time to Relax

Don’t Quit

Ever have those days where nothing seems to go right? Yeah, me too. Sunday was that day for me. Just over a month ago, I got a new-to-me car from a dealership. I went to a few places on Saturday with the car running absolutely fine. Sunday morning, I got ready for church and headed … More Don’t Quit

Compare & Beware

They have greener eyes than me. I like their shade of blonde hair more than mine. I wish I could lose weight as fast as they did.  They have the perfect family. They got promoted…AGAIN They drive a nicer car than my beat up clunker. Sound familiar? While none of those comparisons may apply to you, we … More Compare & Beware

God’s Got This!

  Happy Thursday! I can’t believe it’s already almost the weekend again! Just over a week until my brother leaves. I’m sad about it, but I’m so thankful God allowed him to visit for the summer! It can be so easy to dwell on the littlest of things. “These people are driving so slow” “I have … More God’s Got This!

Why Worry?

It’s so easy to worry about every little thing. Isn’t it? I remember in 5th grade, there was a bulletin board in the classroom and at the top of the board it said “Worry Warthog”. On the board, was a big colorful version of Pumbaa from the  Lion King. If you ever attended Sunday School … More Why Worry?