A Thankful Perspective

Happy Monday!

While some may moan and cringe about how it’s Monday again, others are excited about a new week to start fresh and accomplish their goals.

Today is different though. This week is a short work week for most of us in America because of Thanksgiving.

Ah, Thanksgiving. The day where we suddenly become thankful and pile our plates so high with delicious food we can barely tell what color the plate is.

When Thanksgiving comes to an end, can you imagine all the dishes that need to be washed? Mounds and stacks of dishes covering most of the kitchen counter space. Is it at this point where we would turn unthankful?

Seriously, who wants to spend an hour scrubbing dishes so hard our hands become nothing but skin and bone? *sarcasm*

Here’s another way to look at it:

If we are able to pile our plates high with food, it’s because God has blessed us with the food. If we have dirty dishes, it’s means we are eating well, while there are so many around the world that wish they could have as much food as we enjoy on Thanksgiving.

When it comes time to washing the dishes, we have two choices: to be unthankful because everyone is off having fun while we have to clean all these dishes by ourselves, or we can have a thankful perspective and thank God for how good He has been to us.

I think it really is all about perspective. If we have a car that runs, sure it might not be our dream car, but if it gets us from  point A to point B, we can be thankful for a car that works instead of having to walk or ride a bike to work.

This thing called perspective can apply to almost anything. Our jobs, our homes, our health, etc.

We have so much to be thankful for! Are we living like we are thankful? Are we truly thankful?

Usually around  Thanksgiving, we see so many posts and hear so much about how we should be thankful. Yes, we should be thankful around this time of year, but we should also try to be thankful year round. Novel idea isn’t it?

What are you thankful for?

You might have a tradition at your  Thanksgiving table were you go around expressing what you are thankful for. Usually it takes a moment for everyone  to truly think about it.

Why not start thinking about it now? When it’s your turn at the table to express thanks, you will know exactly what to say.

Let’s have a great Monday and Thanksgiving week, as we reflect on what we are grateful for!

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