That split second after someone asks you how 2017 was and your mind goes blank… “What did I do?” (This isn’t my typical encouraging blog post. Just reflecting on 2017 and thought I would share with you) As I reflected month by month, I actually was able to remember some great memories from 2017. … More 2017

Take Time to Relax

Happy Thursday! I just got back from a very relaxing trip to the Cayman Islands. I hadn’t realized how much I needed the time to lay back , relax and do absolutely nothing. Getting caught up in work, projects and various other activities can cause our bodies to go into over drive, to the point … More Take Time to Relax

Road Tripping

Happy Friday! The work week has come to a close again . This summer is flying by! As you may haveĀ  noticed from my blog post “Prepping for Vacation”, I love to not only travel but get prepared ahead of time by having a tentative packing list, maps on the ready, etc. I’m gearing up … More Road Tripping