The Power of Words

Have you ever said something you almost instantly regret? I’m pretty sure we have all done or said something we wish we could take back. The thing is, as soon as, we say something we can never actually take the words back because they have already been said. Usually when we think of salty things, we could … More The Power of Words


A Thankful Perspective

Happy Monday! While some may moan and cringe about how it’s Monday again, others are excited about a new week to start fresh and accomplish their goals. Today is different though. This week is a short work week for most of us in America because of Thanksgiving. Ah, Thanksgiving. The day where we suddenly become thankful … More A Thankful Perspective

Where Are You?

As I was driving to the midweek service at my church, I had a moment of reflection. As I was patiently waiting for the red light to turn green, I suddenly asked myself “Have I spoken to God today?”  I found it very troubling that I couldn’t even remember if I had talked to my … More Where Are You?