Don’t Quit

Ever have those days where nothing seems to go right? Yeah, me too. Sunday was that day for me.

Just over a month ago, I got a new-to-me car from a dealership. I went to a few places on Saturday with the car running absolutely fine. Sunday morning, I got ready for church and headed out to my car; I put the key into the ignition and it didn’t start. I tried the same thing again and again. The car was still not turning on. I popped the hood trying to see if there were any issues.

I wasn’t going to make it to Sunday school or the morning service at church. I knew Satan would expect me to breakdown and not worship God. I knew that’s what he wanted. So, I went back inside, plopped onto my couch and grabbed my laptop so I could watch a livestream church service. I immediately was ready for a spiritual battle with a “Not today, Satan” mentality. My car didn’t run, so I couldn’t do much about it on a Sunday. There was no need to fret and worry. I texted some friends to pray about the situation and randomly decided to text another friend.

That friend I randomly decided to text almost immediately texted back saying she was praying and said her husband would come take a look.

When he came, he tried to jumpstart my car, but to no avail, nothing happened the first few times. I stepped out of the car closing the door slightly, when he said to try and start the car again, the door wasn’t opening. My keys were locked in the car.

I rubbed my forehead wondering if it could get any worse. Thankfully, the gentleman called a friend to come and open the door and even helped get the car started. It was running…hallelujah! A great ending to the story right? Not quite…

We waited several minutes. I tried starting the car again and it didn’t start back up. After jumpstarting the car again, I drove my car to the dealership in hopes of it getting resolved the next day. (It did get resolved, thankfully!)

Almost the whole day Sunday, my nerves were bound tightly. I was worried and stressed to the point where I didn’t even feel like eating. I only managed a handful of crackers for lunch.

It was almost time for the evening service, when one of the friends that I had texted asked if I needed a ride to church. I had so badly wanted to say no. After that day, I didn’t feel like going anywhere or being around a crowd of people. I didn’t say no though. I didn’t have a physical ailment that would have caused me to say no. I managed to get ready in record time. Thankfully, I still had the outfit that had been for the morning services laying on my bed.

I knew from the moment of getting into my friends’ car, that it was the right thing to be going to church that night. I had been encouraged by the service and thanked my friend for asking if I had needed a ride.

I wasn’t going to let myself quit. I wasn’t going to let Satan get the victory.

I encourage you in whatever you may be going through, don’t quit. Satan is going to throw many things our way. Big things. Little things. Microscopic things that he knows will get us down. Don’t let him have the victory. If we know Jesus as our personal Savior, we already have the victory.

John 14:1 “Let not your heart be troubled:”

Psalm 46:1 “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”

Today, on this Wednesday, don’t let Satan get you down. Call out to God for the help and strength that only He can provide. He will help get us through whatever may be thrown our way.




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