Arms Wide Open Prayers

Ps. 5:3

My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O Lord; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.”

How have you been amidst this worldwide pandemic?

Are you ready for it to be over? Are you scared of what might come next?

How has your spiritual life been since cov-19 came upon us?

I’ve said in earlier posts that I grew the closest I’ve been to God during my state’s quarantine. So, no matter how bad it may sound, I loved my time at home. We were forced to do nothing. A lazy person’s dream.

It’s personally been amazing seeing God work amidst the trials on earth.

Some may think God isn’t working, but we all know that’s simply not true.

The night before last, I purposefully went to bed earlier than usual, so I could spend a few hours reading the Bible, spending time with God and then reading a fiction book before bed.

Purposefully setting aside a chunk of time to spend with God was so needed for my parched soul.

The next day, I was in great spirits, but I wasn’t expecting anything amazing to happen.

Just after my lunch break, my sister-in-law messaged me that she had found a great deal to come and visit me for an upcoming weekend. I was shocked, but excited. It was literally out of the blue…

I let her know that I wouldn’t be able to take off when she would be here, but then said how I had some upcoming time off just the week or so after.

To be completely honest, I really didn’t think it would end up working out, but God…I love that phrase “but God” because you know something amazing is about to follow.

She asked if I would be up for going to see them when I was scheduled to be off…I immediately jumped at the chance to see my brother, sis-in-law, nieces and to visit a state I’ve never been to before.

While talking with God, it was almost incomprehensible to think of how many other Christians could also be talking with Him. Each with our own burdens. Each with our own praises and blessings to thank Him for.

I hadn’t been totally expectant of what God could do, although I should’ve been.

There have been times where I have prayed for God to grants wishes like a genie, but that is not the way to pray.

God wants us to bring our burdens to Him. He wants us to praise Him.

He wants us to have faith in Him and trust that He can do anything.

God knows our hearts and He knows when we are ready for certain blessings. His timing is perfect.

Just because I may wish for some chocolate doesn’t mean that God is going to send someone to give me some chocolate. Obviously, He can do anything and He could appease that craving, but it doesn’t mean every time we have a certain whim that God is going to fulfill it.

He wants us to be expectant of Him and what He can and will do.

Last year, when I went to Alaska, I would talk to God leading up to the trip and say how I couldn’t wait to see His beautiful creation in Alaska and God didn’t disappoint. He never does.

Are you ready and expectant of what God can and will do?

Run to Him. Lay your burdens at His feet. Pray arms wide open prayers.

Wait and see how God will work in your life.

It’s going to be amazing!


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