Stop Complaining & Start Trusting

I almost skipped church.

I was seriously debating whether to go or not.

I wasn’t sick. I had no good excuse not to show up.

So, off I went to church expectant for a message my heart was desperately needing.

The moment the pastor mentioned the title of the message, I knew church was the place to be that night.

“Can God?”

Ps. 78:19

“Yea, they spake against God; they said, Can God furnish a table in the wilderness?”

His people complained. He provided manna from Heaven. He parted the Red Sea for them and yet, they still chose to complain.

They forgot all about what He had done for them in the past. So much so, they questioned if He could furnish a table in the wilderness that He created.

How many times have we forgotten what God has done for each of us?

How many mountains has He moved in each of our lives?

It can be so easy to get caught up in the present.

“This is the worst possible news…”

“Nothing else could go wrong…”

We can get consumed with our current situation, that we completely forget how God has delivered us countless times before.

Even when we continue to complain, God remains faithful.

No matter how impatient I become, He remains patient.  How amazing is that?!

No matter how much we complain, He still loves and provides for us. He wants us to fully trust in Him.

God can do anything but fail.

Remember His power and the countless times He has carried you the next time a storm comes.

How many times have we limited Him because we aren’t really sure if He’ll come through for us?

Are we fully trusting in Him?

Do we truly believe that God can?

The next time a storm comes don’t wonder “can God?”, say wholeheartedly, “God can!”





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