Joy… a simply three letter word.

You may have heard of the acrostic:

J – Jesus

O- others

Y- you

Such a sweet, inspirational acrostic. Putting Jesus first is what will give us true joy and yet, how many times do we fall prey to our joy being found in other things or other people…

This past weekend was busy, as I went from store to store doing some Christmas shopping for friends and family. While I hope the gifts will bring joy to them, I hope that’s not where their joy is placed.

While shopping for others, my mind would think about items that I don’t desperately need and yet it would be nice to have. Honestly, I did get a few things for myself.  I should probably feel ashamed, since I was only supposed to be thinking about others.

Have you ever done that?

You show up to be there for someone or you are supposed to just be shopping for someone else and something catches your eye and you get distracted?

While, I do feel like it is perfectly okay to treat ourselves once in a while, our joy shouldn’t be found in those things.

If my joy is found only in things, it means I haven’t placed my joy in the right place.

Since, we live on Earth, we are surrounded by earthly things. It can be easy to get caught up in what surrounds us, instead of focusing on our Heavenly home.

I learned more about joy, yesterday during Sunday School. Here were a few good points:

 – Joy comes by being in the right place.  Joy isn’t found in the miraculous but the mundane.

– Joy comes by leaving and pursuing. Joy isn’t found in sitting and waiting but leaving things behind and pursuing God with all of my heart. Pursue the most important thing – God.

– Joy is contagious. Stop looking for joy in what I have/ don’t have.


This Christmas season, what is bringing you joy?




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