What If?

I’m scared.

A friend is in the military and in about a month, he will find out if he will be going to a potentially unsafe place for awhile.

My friend is hoping and praying that if it’s God’s will, he will go. He asked me to pray multiple times.

While I have been praying, I’m also scared of the what if’s.

What if God does send him to this place?

What if something happens to him while he’s over there?

I’ve said before how my mind loves to go into overdrive. About literally anything and everything.

What if God caused the light to turn red so I wouldn’t get into an accident ?

What if I had walked into the store five minutes earlier and would have met the spouse God had for me?

What if I’m stuck in my current situation forever?

We can fill our minds with what if’s all day. If we do that, our hearts and minds be filled with worry to the brim.

We will stay stagnant because we are so focused on the what if’s that we aren’t living in the present moment. We aren’t trying to fulfill God’s calling on our lives. We aren’t showing up for others that may desperately need help.

We can choose to live in a what if world all day. We can choose to be in a fantasy world. Since, what if world and fantasy world aren’t actually in our world, we will be wasting precious time. Time that God could use to shape us into who He would have us be for Him.

So, if God chooses to send my friend to a particular place, I have two options. I can choose to fret and worry the whole time that my friend will be away or I can choose to give him to God and let God watch over and protect him.

We will always have those two choices. Worry or trust? The choice is up to us.

God wants us to trust Him. He wants us to give Him our burdens.

I Peter 5:7

“Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.”

What if? What if I decide to trust God? What if I choose to give Him my burdens? What if I give God 100%?

God can do amazing things through our lives if we will let Him.

Will we let Him? Or will we worry?

Let’s stop asking what if and choose to trust God.




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