Quote of the day by Nelson Mandela

Image result for may your choices reflect your hopes


Hopes. Dreams. Fear of failure.

Throughout our lifetime, we make thousands if not millions of decisions.

Everyday, we decide whether or not to get out of bed.

What time to get out of bed.

Whether or not to sit in bed mindlessly scrolling through social media, exercise, or have devotions.

What to have for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

What route to take to work, whether to show up on time.

Every single thing we do is done because we made a choice.

We made a choice to run the red light on our way to church.

We made a choice to eat the cheesecake after the doctor just told us to cut back on sweets.

We make a choice to pursue a relationship, even though we know it’s not God’s timing.

We decide to buy $100 coat or bag, when we know that money should’ve gone towards a car payment.

Even though we all make bad decisions, we don’t have to live in fear of bad decisions.

If we know Christ as our personal Savior, we can be grateful that if we ask God for His help in making the right decisions, He will help us.

If we have a hope for a long, full life pleasing God, we probably wouldn’t run a red light just to be on time to church. Wouldn’t you rather be a couple of minutes late than putting other lives in danger?

We would hopefully heed the doctor’s advice of cutting back on sweets and decide to use our time and money wisely.

If we have a hope for a God pleasing relationship, we should be pursuing Christ, as we pray for patience as we wait on Him.

If we are fearful that we will always be alone (even though we never are), we may look at things or read things we shouldn’t. We may decide to not join in fun activities that we are invited to.

Why live in fear if we don’t have to?

If our hope is placed in God’s hands, there will be nothing we can’t do.

Phil. 4:13

 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

God created each of us for a purpose. We may never know what that purpose is if we live in fear. All we need to do is place our hope in His hands. Ask God for strength to toss fears aside.

Be ready and expectant for what God will do.

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”





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