Quote of the Day by Winston Churchill


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It can be so easy to get distracted. Especially if we are feeling uninspired.

Maybe I should clean the kitchen while listening to my favorite music.

Maybe if I find a new TV series to watch my mind will start racing with new ideas.

I should take a look at Pinterest real quickly for some inspiration.

(How can anyone look at Pinterest “real quickly”?)

While we may have tried some or all of the above ways to try and get inspired, most likely these are just distractions from reaching our real goals.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend trying a new TV series for inspiration. If you are like me, once you find a new TV series that hooks you, you will binge watch the whole series within a few weeks.

While some of the plots and twists throughout the show might actually get our mind working over time with possible ideas for a story, we will have used that time for binge watching instead of accomplishing goals.

I’m not trying to bash binge watching, but merely encourage to use our time wisely.

We may only have a few hours every evening to tackle our to do lists for the day.

The time we give to distractions only hinder our growth.

We can accomplish so much more if we don’t stop for every “dog” that comes our way.

What “dogs” are we throwing stones at instead of accomplishing our goals?






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