Excuses vs. Blessings

“I don’t really want to go to that”

I think this to myself as I try to find a way out, instead of just saying “no”

Or maybe I really want to go, but I’m nervous, so I decide to put it off.

Some people may be great at making excuses, I’m not one of them.

People have said they can read my face like a book. So if someone invites me to something face to face, they will get to see exactly how I feel about it even if I agree or try to politely decline.

Since the pipes in my apartment were frozen for a little bit,  I wanted to keep an eye on the water situation. So for a few moments, I wondered if I should just stay home from church.

(you can read about the frozen pipe situation here)

I don’t usually skip a service and as I began to think about it, it seemed like I was almost trying to make up an excuse even though the water situation was very real.

I couldn’t do anything to fix the hot water, so whether I went to church or not, the water would most likely be the same when I got back.

I randomly texted a friend to pray about getting hot water soon.

Within minutes after texting my friend, I checked the water and it was coming out hot.

I continued to check the water every few minutes and every time I checked it, it remained warm.

It had seemed like God had fixed the water situation in time for me to go to church.

With the hot water now running, I had no actual excuse to miss church.

So, I got ready and headed out into the cold evening.

The message preached was about being spiritually replenished. It was exactly what I needed. As I was heading out after the service, I saw a friend that I hadn’t caught up with in a while. Getting to catch up with her was one of the best things of the whole day. She was such an encouragement to me.

And to think if I had skipped church, I would’ve missed out on the service and fellowship.

I would’ve missed the blessings that came from attending the church service.

How many times do we shrink back from invites or make excuses?

We could be missing out on so many blessings!

Image result for nothing good comes from comfort zones

We may love our little bubble, also known as our comfort zone, but nothing great comes from staying in our comfort zones.

Next time we receive an invite, let’s intentionally accept.

Be willing to try new things.

Accept an invitation for something that may seem crazy.

Trying new things is so much more fun with friends.

Next time an opportunity to make excuses comes our way, let’s squash the excuses, go anyway and look for the blessings.





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