Get Back on the Bike

I can’t remember the last time I’ve ridden my bike (it’s seriously so sad how long it’s been!)  Yesterday evening, I went on a bike ride with a friend and we had only gone several hundred feet when I realized the back tire needed some air. We walked back to my place to fill the tire with air (I was secretly hoping that was the end of the ride even though it had barely begun. I do most of my exercises in the comfort of my home and not outdoors. The immediate change from inside to outside exercising caused some soreness.)

After the bikes were set, we started the ride again and I’m so glad we did! The 2nd time around went so much better. I was so ready to give up and I had barely begun. It’s so easy to want to give up after just beginning something that may seem hard.

We ended up riding our bikes farther than I thought we would, but it felt so good to be enjoying the beautiful weather.

Doesn’t it seem so easy to give up and quit when things get hard?!

God is right there beside us, giving us strength to carry on and taking us further then we could ever imagine!

 Don’t give up! Get back on the bike and watch how far God will take you.


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