Eating Healthy at Restaurants

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Hello, again!

I’m currently getting ready to head out to Olive Garden with friends and I thought how perfect it would be to share tips on eating healthy at restaurants.

My friends usually tell me where we will be meeting for dinner ahead of time. So, that gives me time to check out the restaurant website for the healthiest options.

I completely understand that some restaurants don’t really have options of any kind that contain nutritional value. In that situation, choose the healthiest option.

For instance, if your friends want to go to McDonald’s, you can easily Google McDonald’s nutrition and check to see what options are of better nutritional value. Check out the nutritional info below:

The BigMac                                        Vs.                          Grilled Ranch Snack Wrap

540 calories                                                                         270 calories

29 grams of fat                                                                   10 grams of fat

9 grams of sugar                                                                2 grams of sugar

That’s a huge difference in calories, fat and sugar!

Hopefully, the restaurant you go to has nutritional info you can look up ahead of time. It is so much easier this way, so when I get to the restaurant I don’t even need a menu, I’ve already had plenty of time to check out my options.

If you can’t find the nutritional info online, you can either call the restaurant or ask when you get there.

Another way to eat healthier at a restaurant, is to skip the bread basket. For me this is so hard to do! Having warm bread sitting right in front of me is to hard to resist!. But that bread also contains a lot of calories and carbs. So, if your able to resist the bread basket, please let me know how you did it!

Next tip, choose items that were cooked using healthier options. Obviously, choosing grilled over fried is going to be healthier every time. Try to avoid anything that has the word “fry ” in it! Go for items that say grilled, broiled, steamed or raw.

You can even skip more calories by going for leaner proteins or even skipping the meat all together! I know that doesn’t sound very fun unless your used to it!

One of the most important tips is to be careful with what you drink!

You don’t want to drink your calories. I know on my “About Me” page, I said how I like to enjoy lemonades when I go out to eat. Every once and a while, a lemonade is okay, but if I started drinking the Minute Maid kind every day, that would be detrimental for my health.

Try to steer clear of soda and alcohol and try drinking water for most of your meals.

These are just a few tips to try when you go out to eat.

Have any other tips? I would love to hear them!

Have a great night!

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