Stop what you are doing right now.
Stop scrolling through everyone’s highlight reel.
Stop comparing your certain situation to other’s accomplishments.
Why torture yourself, when you know it won’t do you any good?
Put the phone down and live life.
Embrace the moments that leave you in awe, embrace the moments that make you cry.
God is with you in all of it. In the nitty-gritty, in-between moments where you feel inexplicably lost. When hope seems like a rare fruit on the end of a scrawny branch, where there’s no possible way you will make it out unscathed.
Stop listening to the lies that you are less than and not enough.
The enemy’s battle tactics can be hard to resist, but we have the God of the universe on our side.
He will stop at nothing to see us to victory.
But, before we can become victorious, we have to mute the lies. We have to rise up. Rise up from the murky waters that may be surrounding us.
No matter how lost we feel, God is right there with us.
We have nothing to fear.
Don’t fall for the enemy’s trap.
Recognize it for what it is, move on, and don’t look back.
If you’re ready to take a stand and fight the enemy, stop.
Stop wasting God-given time on the enemy.
The enemy doesn’t deserve our time. God does.


James 4:7

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”


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