What consumes you?

The way the interior design of a house has you yearning to redecorate your whole house.

The way the running back sprints down the grassy turf waiting to cradle a football in his arms.

When you walk into a restaurant and all of these amazing smells hit your nose at once. Your almost overwhelmed with all the sights of delicious food. Your mouth begins to water, you can almost taste the food just from the sights and smells.

The way a lady wears her clothes on Instagram has you scrambling for your wallet as you head to the closest department store for that exact same outfit.

The way the pinkest rose you have ever seen shoots toward the sky and yet that rose isn’t yours and you hurry down to the garden center on the lookout for one to claim as your own.

We can be consumed by so many things.

Things that may be genuinely worthwhile, while some may things may just be lingering in our brains to the point where we have convinced ourselves we need “____________”. You can fill in the blank.

Last week, there was a tent revival at my church. The sermons every night had me among many others trying to keep up with our note taking. Every night, I would determine to apply what I had just learned to my life. Every morning, I would wake up the same person. Not really changed. Sad to say, this has happened many times in my life before when I would hear a really good sermon.

I think many times, even when I determine to change for the better, I am still so consumed by earthly things to where the changes don’t take affect.

Just the other morning, as I was scrolling through social media, I realized how consumed I am with social media. I look at it first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.

This is not how I want to spend my mornings and evenings anymore. I want to be consumed with only the right things.

Bible reading. Praying. Worshiping God. Serving God.

Like a fire consumes wood and brush, why not determine to be consumed with God and His Word?

Why not start right now?

Instead of reaching for our cellphone, reach for our Bible.

Only great things can come of it.



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