Brave Begins at the Doorway

As she sits in her comfy swivel chair, Rachel is focused on her computer screen. Her desk is filled with a picture of family from their last vacation together, a bouquet of white tulips to add some cheer on this dreary day, a banana that is ripe enough to make banana bread and her planner and papers scattered in a semi-neat pile. She is focused on finishing this project. While she enjoys where she works, she is ready to conquer new tasks. All weekend, she was brainstorming new ideas for the company and a projected plan to make it happen.

She hits the “print” button and gathers her portfolio. She musters the courage to walk to her boss’s office. She could simply turn around any time before she reaches the wooden doorway. She takes a moment to breathe a quick “you’ve got this” before knocking.

She lightly taps on the door. A swift “come in” follows. She walks through the doorway prepared to share what she been so purposefully working on.

Being brave.

It can be hard sometimes.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.

It’s in between those doubting-I couldn’t do that-be brave-yes, I can moments that determines our outcome.

Will we muster up the courage and follow through? Or, will we be plagued by doubt and not take the risk?

We have the opportunity to turn around and not be brave. Before our hand hits the wooden doorway, we can turn around and simply forget about what an awesome outcome it might have been. But that’s not where growth happens.

Growth happens when we step out of our comfort zone.

At first we might tentatively dip our toe outside the zone. Just as I remember growing up in New England, where even in the summer time the ocean didn’t get the warm weather memo. I would start slowly making my way into the  ocean.  At first a foot, then two, and after a few minutes almost my whole body was surrounded by ocean water.

I didn’t turn around and decide to just sit on the beach watching everyone else have fun. No, way! I was there to enjoy every aspect of that beautiful beach day. Seagulls, sand that got everywhere, too much sunscreen but still getting sunburned and letting the waves carry me with them only to have them throw me back down into the salty water.

No matter how much the waves tossed me, I didn’t care in that moment of too much sand, getting sunburned or a massive fish possibly coming my way. My comfort zone didn’t get the best of me that day.

We should never let our comfort zones get the best of us.

Being brave is not only being willing to take risks, but being willing to fail.

So, what about you? Are you ready to knock on the wooden doorframe? Are you ready to step outside (or further outside) your comfort zone and be brave?

Trust me, you won’t regret it.

What are some brave steps you are currently taking?





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