Donuts by Faith

Trying to stick to certain goals or resolutions can be tough. Especially when you know you have been doing well so far. What’s one donut, right?

It’s okay to treat ourselves once in a while.

“Everything in moderation. Including moderation.” ~ Julia Child

I had walked by faith for donuts this morning without even realizing it.

Right as I was about to leave for work, my mind couldn’t get off of donuts. I’m not sure why, since I haven’t had one in awhile.

I started hoping that donuts would be brought into work.

Since I currently wear invisible aligners on my teeth, I would need to bring the kit along to take care of the aligners if a donut came into play.

Almost at the last minute, I threw the kit into my purse still hoping that donuts were in my near future.

After I had been at work for a little while, a coworker came up to me and said “You know there’s donuts upstairs, right?”

Wait, what? Seriously? There are donuts here!

As I was upstairs grabbing my favorite donut (Boston cream), I was telling my friend/coworker about how I had brought my aligner kit hoping there would be donuts. Right after I told her about it, another coworker walks by saying, “You were walking by faith”.

I wouldn’t have even thought of it that way, if my other coworker hadn’t mentioned walking by faith.

This may seem like a silly illustration, but it’s these everyday moments that can have the best lessons.

So, while being prepared for donuts, might not be the most prime example of walking by faith, it made me wonder how I am walking by faith in my walk with God.

2 Cor. 5:7

“For we walk by faith, not by sight”

Are we walking by faith?

Do we show up ready for what God has for us?

Why don’t we go enjoy a donut while we ponder those questions?




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