Letting The Fear Go & Showing Up Anyway

Fear. A word and¬†feeling that can totally strangle us if we let it. Fear can keep us from becoming world changers. It can keep us from stepping out of our comfort zones. It can keep us from reaching our goals. It can also keep us from making some of the best memories possible. A few … More Letting The Fear Go & Showing Up Anyway


Scared to the Core

Have you ever been scared? Sounds like a trick question, doesn’t it? “Of course, we have all been scared”,¬†you may be thinking. You would be right. We probably all have been scared more times than we care to count. Doing something that terrifies us, cannot only be scary, it can be totally worth it! I’m … More Scared to the Core


Fear plagues me. It has plagued me for as long as I can remember. Fear has me bound in invisible, heavy laden chains. Chains that can only move the moment I give my fears to God. Fear can consume so many aspects of everyday life. Fear of being single forever. Fear of not being financially … More Fear