Show Up!

It’s Monday…

I went into today with a positive attitude. I was ready to conquer this Monday and not let it get the best of me. Slowly, inch my inch, I let little things creep in. One thing and then another. The “I can do this!” wall that I had built up was starting to crumble. By the end of the work day, the wall had become defenseless and I felt like Humpty Dumpty.

I had already scheduled a spin class after work. As the day went on and the more I let things invade the “I’ve got this!” demeanor, I seriously considered cancelling the spin class or honestly, just not showing up – even though it was already paid for.

It was that kind of Monday. I was ready for the day to be done. The crisp air was begging me to stay inside cuddled up. I loved that idea. What better way to end the day then reading or watching a Christmas movie (yes, I’ve already started watching Christmas movies) and enjoying some hot cocoa?

But I was determined. Throughout the day, I would take deep breaths and continually ask God for strength to make it through the day without me cracking into a million pieces. He showed up, like He always does.

I knew showing up to that spin class would only end the day on a positive note. So, I showed up.

The instructor showed up with a huge smile and the encouraging words to forget about what had happened so far today.

I pushed. I could feel my legs wobble, but I knew I wanted to give my all. God has given me two working legs. I wanted to tire those legs out and not give up.

The 45 minute class flew by. As we stretched, I inhaled the peppermint essential oil that had been sprayed into the air during our candlelight ride. I was so thankful for God nudging me to show up and that I didn’t listen to the negative Nelly voice running through my head.

During the ride, and even after, I couldn’t help but think, what if I had decided to not show up? I would have been sulking, throwing myself the ultimate pity party and snacking on mac n’ cheese.

I would be dreading tomorrow and now I definitely don’t.

How many blessings do we miss out on because we decide to not show up?! So stinkin’ many! Too many.

There are so many blessings ahead! We just have to show up and let God do His amazing thing.

Whatever’s got you down, whatever you may be dreading tomorrow or even tonight, show up. You never know what may come of simply showing up!

Through the strength that God provides, you got this!

Now, go show up and let God do some amazing things!

Deut. 31:8

“And the Lord, he it is that doth go before thee; he will be with thee, he will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: fear not, neither be dismayed.”

Phil. 4:13

 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”


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