Frozen Pipes & Pancakes

“Well, there’s not much more I can do…want to go to IHOP for pancakes?”

This past weekend the weather was brutally harsh.

Pumping gas for a few minutes without gloves made it seem like an eternity…with the wind chill effect, my hands were definitely not happy with me.

Like I said in this previous post, the second day of January started off with a bang.

I had woken up like it was any other normal workday.

The sink in the bathroom, threw out just enough water for me to wash my hands and then the water stopped.

My first assumption was frozen pipes.

I had no running water in the bathroom.

Since the kitchen sink did work, I was trying to stay positive and thankful that at least I did have some running water even if it was only cold water.

After work, a friend and her husband came over to take a quick look.

He was able to try a few quick things, but to no avail the water still wasn’t running in the bathroom sink. (I now had cold water coming into the bathtub)

After stating there wasn’t much more he could do that night, he asked if IHOP sounded good.

So, off I went with my friend and her husband to IHOP to enjoy some pancakes.

Thankfully, I do have running hot water now.

I was so wrapped up in the New Year’s Eve and Day festivities, that I had forgotten to leave the faucets dripping.

That lesson was definitely learned!

While no hot water can sound terrible, I didn’t think to worry or fret over it, because #1 I did have a sink that worked and #2 I knew that God had this situation in His hands.

This may seem like a common illustration to point that out, but everyday lessons can be so valuable. God teaches us things through everyday situations.

If you are currently worrying over some frozen pipes, here are some tips that helped:

  • leave the faucets open
  • increase the temperature inside (mine was originally set at 68 and I increased it to 75)
  • with precaution, using a hair dryer on the pipes close to the faucet
  • using a space heater facing the pipes under the sink
  • open the door to the closet your water heater is in


Hope these tips help and if you have any other tips, I would love to hear them!





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